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Selling, or the art of persuasion, is not taught in school or university, yet it is an integral part of our daily lives.  Whether we are selling ourselves, a product or a service we are knowingly or unknowingly exercising the techniques of persuasion and salesmanship.  Successful selling depends on the correct manipulation of these techniques as well as a thorough understanding of the framework within which they operate.

With persuasion understood within a basic framework, the 'persuader' always knows the next step to take at any one time in his negotiation, how to take it, how to test when he has achieved it and what he must then do in order to conclude a successful 'sale'.  These steps are logical, interrelated and rational.

Taken as a whole persuasion becomes a discipline which can be studied and learned like any other.  Sales planning then becomes a matter of putting all the pieces in place so you maximise success for effort & don't score 'own goals'; and sales management gives the individuals support & ensures the organisation is in place so the 'team can play'.

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"I am always impressed how a well structured, balanced and thoughtful negotiation can change the world for both the individual and the company.  Saving costs is always worthwhile.  Doubling turnover changes lifestyles. Top level negotiators make themselves.  They have the ability to fit what they know to what they hear and so structure the perfect proposition.  Knowing is about reading, talking and learning.  Hearing is to do with using this information to ask the right questions; and then to listen to the answers.  

In these answers lie the keys to the decision maker's issues and their resolution.  It is then a matter of intelligence & discipline to structure an agreed proposition and to manage the negotiation to a successful conclusion.  Compelling Selling, which you will also find on this site, shows the sequence of interrelated and logical steps which take the negotiation from inception to successful conclusion."